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About Cape Cod Wind & Weather

Hand-crafted on Cape Cod since 1939, Cape Cod® Wind & Weather Indicators let you bring the weather indoors. These quality, precision instruments include Wind Speed Indicators (available with Peak Gust Register), Wind Direction Indicators, Barometers, Temperature Indicators, Rain Guages, Tide Clocks, and Time Clocks.

The handsome 6" diameter dials feature highly polished, solid brass cases (brushed nickle also available with many models) and make a beautiful addition to any home décor. We feature two lines: the Cape Cod line featuring instruments with a shallow profile and brushed aluminum faces; and the Downeaster line featuring instruments with a more "nautical" style (deeper profile) with either white or blue faces, and polished brass or brushed nickel cases. Each instrument is independent of the others, so you can buy one or any combination. All are covered by 5-year (Downeaster) or 10-year (Cape Cod) limited warranties.

History of the Business

In 1939, Aaron Davis of Harwich Port and his son David, native Cape Codders with close ties to the sea, designed and began production of two unique instruments that would appeal to sailors and other outdoorsmen of all persuasions: a wind speed indicator and a wind direction indicator. These novel instruments, until that time available only to government agencies and large companies with deep pockets, were the first [?] to be made affordable and available to the general public.

Those first efforts, crude by today’s standards but technological marvels at the time, soon caught the public’s interest and Cape Cod Wind & Weather Indicators was born. At first operating out of a spare room, within a few years the company had grown, hired its first employee, and moved into a building of its own. In 1964, the company moved into a small 1850’s vintage cottage on Main Street in Harwich Port, in view of Wychmere Harbor, a site that was to be its home for over 40 years.

After almost 30 years of producing the two wind indicators, in 1977 the company introduced a Marine Barometer, incorporating a precision movement made in Germany. This was soon followed by the Cape Codderâ clock in 1982. In 1995, an Atlantic Coast tide indicator option was added to the clock. More recent introductions include a Peak Gust Register option for the Wind Speed Indicator, the Cape Cod Tide Keeper tide clock, and the Cape Cod Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer.

In 2007, David Davis, after 68 years running the business and approaching his 88th birthday, sold the business to Ren Nichols, the owner and president of Allen Harbor Marine in Harwich Port (a business that started in1927 and was Cape Cod’s first dearler!). In September of that year, the wind indicator business made the mile and a half move west to Allen Harbor. Blair Nikula, a 34-year employee of the business (and son of Jim Nikula, one of the business’s first employees), moved with the business and today serves as Operations Manager. In 2014 Ren Nichols passed away and ownership of the business was transferred to Rahn Meehan, another Cape Cod native, who had been managing the business under Ren’s direction.

Downeaster History:

In the 1960s, Don Kent, a well-known Boston meteorologist and popular TV weatherman began a company producing weather instruments for both home and commercial use. The business thrived and in 1970s Don sold the business to Glen and Connie Bechard. Now known as Downeaster Manufacturing, the business moved to Dennis on Cape Cod where it remained for over three decades. In 2010, Ren Nichols bought the business and merged it with Cape Cod Wind and Weather

In 2011 the combined businesses, now known as Cape Cod Wind and Weather, Inc., moved into the present location at 189 Route 28 in West Harwich, MA.

About Our Products

All Cape Cod and Downeaster products are fine precision instruments, sophisticated enough to be used in research, science, aviation, marine and a variety of industrial uses, yet are beautifully hand-finished and enhance any location. They become a focal point and a topic of conversation, whether in home, school, office, resort, or club.

Each instrument is independent of the others, so you can purchase one or any combination. Many customers start with one unit, then add others at a later date.

We (native Cape Codders with a stubborn commitment to the highest tradition of Yankee craftsmanship) will continue to produce instruments unsurpassed in both quality and elegant appearance – products that the homeowner would be proud to display in any room of the house. We invite you to become a part of this New England tradition!


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