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Downeaster Wind Speed & Direction w/Tru-Gust Lighthouse Series

-Wind Speed & Direction Combo--
with Tru-Gust"-Lighthouse Series

The 6" combination Wind Speed and Direction is a single dial in a highly polished and lacquered brass case, with wind speed scale AND an 8-LED wind direction function. Winds up to 120MPH (or 104 knots) are measured, and their direction indicated on the 8 points of the LED compass.

Tru-Gust option lets you see with the push of a button, the highest recorded wind gust! Pushing a small button on the bottom of the instrument moves the needle to show the highest wind speed since last reset.

This unit features the popular Lighthouse faceplate! As the lights of the compass illuminate, it gives the appearance that the lighthouse light is on!

Includes combination roof unit, 50 feet of wire, AC power plug, all necessary mounting hardware and instructions.

NOTE: Lead time of this item is currently about 5 businees days

Optional Brushed Nickel Case $10.00 additional.

Price: $599
Part # 3035L

Available in Nickel